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Voice Teacher Profile Projects Overview

Please note: This is simply an overview of the requirements of the Certification Teacher Profile. You must consult the Projects Workbook for complete instructions and suggestions.

Project #1 – Write Your Teaching Philosophy


Project #2 – Analyze Four Teaching Pieces

Give the historical background, teaching approach and theory analysis for each of the four mid-intermediate teaching pieces provided to you following submission of your application and payment of fee.

Project #3 – Present Your Teaching

  1. Video record three lesson segments with the same student on the same piece.
  2. List the materials used in the recorded lessons.
  3. Write a self-evaluation of each recorded lesson segment
  4. Discuss how you adapt the lessons to this student’s learning modality.
  5. Provide your goals for this student.
  6. Show how you assess the outcomes of your teaching.
  7. Play and video record 5 to 10 minutes of your singing. Vocalists must choose pieces that are at least at a late-intermediate level, such as the songs in Joan Frey Boytim’s Second Book of Solos (published by Hal Leonard Corp.).  These pieces do not have to be memorized.

Project #4 – Share Information About Your Teaching Environment

  1. Describe how you foster a teaching environment that promotes learning in your studio.
  2. Provide supporting documentation for three resources that you use in your studio or classroom.
  3. Describe how you use these three resources.

Project #5 – Discuss Your Business Ethics And Studio Policies

  1. Describe how you would ethically deal with three scenarios involving students, colleagues, and family members.
  2. Document your studio and business policies.

How to Apply

Certification Application is easy. If you are submitting a new application, please download the PDF and follow submission intructions. For renewal members, click the link and renew your application online.

Professional Certification Application (PDF)

Collegiate Certification Application (PDF)

Online Renewal Application